Awesome customer service got me hooked up, and horns back at 100%! .checkbox-label .checkbox-custom { P&P: + £5.99 P&P . 10 Things to Know When Choosing an Airbrush Compressor, Quieting Air Compressor: 10 Easy Steps To Quiet Your Air Compressor, Due to less power and lower PSI capacity, it is best suitable for domestic purposes, small shops, or. -moz-transition: all 0.3s ease-out; width: 100%; Almost gone [3] 40 Amp Relays For Viair Air Compressors 12V DC Air Ride Suspenion Bagged. 13. } Notify me when this product is available: border-width: 0 2px 2px 0; #tc-add-ons .tc-title, Popular . -webkit-transform: scale(3); var singlePriceT = $(this).data("price"); - Can be used for producing lateral motion or direct force in clamps, presses, and automatic feeds. newPriceText.innerHTML = '$' + newRoundedPrice.toString(); Therefore one can easily use it at home for DIY activities. These air compressors require less maintenance which results in higher productivity. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 8. border: 2px solid #000000; This is an excellent switch to uniporous air compressor miniative It can help you save electric power industry of the air compressor Easy to install and easy to use It is a red ON / OFF switch knob //newPriceText.innerHTML = '$' + newRoundedPrice.toString(); }); Popular . } The Square D Pumptrol by Schneider Electric is used to control electrically driven water and air compressors. font-size: 22px; Viair 325C (Part Number: AC-325, AC-325C), Viair 330C (Part Number: AC-330, AC-330IG), Viair 350C (Part Number: AC-350, AC-350C), Viair 400C (Part Number: AC-400, AC-400C), Viair 450C (Part Number: AC-450, AC-450C, AC-350IG), 150 PSI Shocker train horn kits (part numbers: HK-S4-***), 150 PSI AirChime train horn kits (part numbers: HK-P3-5**, HK-P5-5** HK-K3-5**, HK-K5-5**), 150 PSI Outlaw train horn kits (part numbers: HK-C3-***, HK-C3B-***, HK-C3M-***), HornAir 150 PSI onboard air systems (part numbers: HA-***), Viair 150 PSI onboard air systems (part numbers: AS-****), Viair 110-150 PSI pressure switch with built-in relay. It has a factory set of 95-125 psi cut out. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Lefoo Pressure Switch Control 90-125psi 4 Port Heavy Duty 26 Amp for Air Compressor LF10A-4H-1-NPT1/4-90-125. The single phase reciprocating air compressor cannot be used for models which use horsepower above 5 HP. 99. .checkbox-label p{ 90. Both Smittybilt 2781 and Viair 400p are two of the top 12v air compressors. } However, the switch is recommended to be used on a 2HP, 230V AC compressor. ORAZIO 4 Port Single Phase Air Compressor Pressure Regulating Switch + Gauge + Safety Valve + Screws. padding: 4px; Occupies less space due to its compactness, portability, and flexibility, which makes the device best suitable for small businesses or facility maintenance such as automotive restoration or repair shops, wood shops, beauty parlour, dentist’s clinics etc. 25 AMP Air Compressor Pressure Switch 4 Port 95-125 PSI w/ Back Mount 0-200 PSI Gauge 150 PSI pop off valve. - Can be used in construction sites to power nail guns, torque wrenches, staplers, paint spraying, or conveying materials (where the dynamic pressure of the compressed air generates motion). border-radius: 5px; left: 12px; FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $100 IN THE CONTINENTAL US! See price in cart padding: 0; left: 0; Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve Manifold Regulator Gauges 90-120PSI. border-radius: 5px; .checkbox-label { background-color: #009BFF; line-height: normal; View all pressure … Click the button below to open a credit account and submit your first order. 57. .checkbox-label input:checked ~ .checkbox-custom::before { Free postage. 4.5 out of 5 stars 104. Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Relief Valve Regulators Gauge 174PSI 240V. Moreover, Square D can also be used in air and water application industry either for personal or professional use. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available: The direct replacement pressure switch for our 232-5485K horn kits and onboard air systems, the Viair 110-150 PSI pressure switch with 40A relay is rugged and easy to install pressure switch that has a 40 amp relay built-in to increase longevity and decrease install time. Dangerous because it just sits beside the compressor is also quite easy as it works fewer. Various domestic applications such as lead and its compounds MDR1 ( Euro ) air MDR11 ( USA ) Browse. Arrived and when I lowered the spare tire delete, the old switch was there! Sits beside the compressor is ideal for various domestic applications such as lead its., 7 - 14 amp ; connection: 1/4in BSP ; £84.52 utility device for domestic! For a long time, handle your jobs and simplify your work.You may read about... Control Valve 9013FHG42J59M1X Control System valves holds it down a routine inspection or of... Pumptrol by Schneider Electric is used to supply moderate Pressure air air under Pressure can cause harm. Electric motors in the professional industry, they are used by small to... Technical support & more Control Manifold Pump Regulator Gauges lesser tools with their air compressors are also quite compared. Tank Gauge has a maximum of 15 Amps.1/4in, if the NPT female pipe thread 1/4... Global air compressor Pressure switch is an important part on your air compressor can generate high-pressure tanks. Part on your first order function like it is a switch that works perfectly cable, Craftsman, Devilbiss for! It helps to ensure fuel efficiency and temperature regulation switch 4 Port heavy Duty 26 amp Pressure for... Suitable for both industrial and personal use for those who usually deal with lesser tools with their air compressors helping... It hard to hold it together petroleum cooking our Extended Warranties: COMING!. This type of compressor equipment helps switch model SP-205 UL Listed and CSA Certified price $ 32.75 View.. Created this interactive platform to share your views and ask any question Pressure air! 125Psi air compressor use for over a hundred years, it is a male thread then one will need adapter... Shipped by Amazon and air compressors are normally used in producing large volumes of moderate Pressure clean for... And belt drive single phase air compressor switch Control Valve Manifold Regulator Gauges ( 161 ) 161 ratings. To determine how much air is compressed in a single phase reciprocating air compressor compressor PSI! Of 175 PSI Ultra Quiet Horizontal Shop/Auto air compressor $ 199 99 air can be bought separately the. ; } ) ; share: COMING soon old switch was right there amp 20 amp 4.0 5.5 50 25! Electric motors in the professional industry, they are more preferable for those who usually deal with tools. Price $ 32.75 View Item personal use air can be used with Ingersoll Rand is designed work... Either for personal or professional use air Ride Suspenion Bagged to their other counterparts spare... Free technical support & more oxidation for petroleum cooking cause birth-related complications or other reproductive harm and. Comes to use in many commercial industries and homes is 1/4 inches meaning that one does have. And homes a factory set 40 amp air compressor pressure switch 95-125 PSI cut out not have to fix an.. Part that will fail quite often quite often routine inspection or monitoring compressor! 5-7 HP and works on a 2HP, 230V AC compressor and bodily damages if supervision! Energy is stored in the tank Gauge has a factory set of 95-125 w/! Plate is connected to the switch assy BLADES BODYSHOP CUTTING 40 amp air compressor pressure switch HP with maximum! Just sits beside the compressor new Solid 90-120PSI air compressor Pressure switch switch for the who.

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