Prefer to dine out? shed hunting Shed Hunting: Finding Moose and Deer Antlers. This means deer will be feeding very heavily during this time of year. Alyssa was hunting in the Allagash in Zone 4 with her Mom, Dad and Uncle. I have been specializing specifically in shed antler hunting dogs, with my own special training techniques, for over twelve years now. For this reason, they will try to knock the other anter off. I have 5 generations of dogs bred … 2. I usually get a lot of pictures of bucks on my trail cam in … Save money by … These areas provide your best chance for finding them, so go slow and double-check every stick to make sure it is not a piece of an antler. Waiting until most antlers are off will make sure you have the best chances for success. Northwoods Training Kennel LLC specializes in obedience, upland, waterfowl, and shed hunting. Any … Recent Posts. Available in 14'x20' to roomy 14'x48'. If your sole reason for shed hunting is to find sheds, scouting will be counterproductive. How would I go about it? Consistent shed hunting success in Maine has less to do with luck than you might think. By making a list of the high-quality areas you can move from property to property throughout the day, ensuring that you are remaining in high opportune areas. You don’t want to be spooking bucks off a property if they’re still carrying antlers, this will make finding sheds much more difficult. Do you spend a lot of time thoroughly searching a single property or two? April 13, 2017 by Anonymous Filed under Real Estate Blog, Recreation Land. with a green spread of 62 “ on October 8th 2012 using a .243 rifle. The Deluxe Cabin is accessed through a single 9-lite house style front door, but it has plenty of natural light within due to number of windows. Enjoy! Leadandlineadventures; My Mainely Girl Adventures It takes a lot of walking in the right places to find them. Out of all the shed hunting tips, this is probably the one I need to work on most. I also offer Services, so be sure to check those out as well. Finding lightly pressured areas is a great way to find more and bigger sheds. Co-founder and Board Member Hunting: Firearms & Archery & Trapping Royal Crown Club 2016 Family Membership and Maine Licensed Trapper Member since 2015 NWTF Maine Chapter & Long Beard Society Member Member Since 2016 Blogs I Follow. The same can be said for shed hunting. However, there are steps that can be taken to increase success and make shed hunting a whole lot more enjoyable. For this reason, bucks like to bask in the rays during the cold months to warm up. Areas that do not allow hunting or have limited hunting seasons could be a good bet for finding more sheds. Dogs have upwards of 300 million scent receptors in the noses (bloodhound) and with some training, they’ll locate and retrieve some shed antlers that you would have never found. Our portable prefab hunting cabins offer everything imaginable for a comfortable hunting experience. I am a big advocate for wool clothes for shed hunting. Also, you can add a competition component to it, which turns shed hunting into a game that boosts spirits and helps to prevent discouragement. 2 Car Garage with Lift Completed in Falmouth, Maine. To be honest, I'm obsessed with finding them. Sunday Hunting is Illegal in Maine To hunt means to pursue, catch, take, kill or harvest wild birds and wild animals (wild by nature, whether or not bred or reared in captivity), including any physical part of that species of mammal or bird. 36 talking about this. During the early season, especially in far northern areas, finding buck tracks in the snow and simply following them is very effective. Maine Expanded Archery Zones | Free Google Earth File, Easily Determine the Boundaries of the Maine Expanded Archery Zones on Google Earth. 3,173 talking about this. # Canada Stickers # Accessories # Passing Through Series . The glare from snow during sunny late winter or spring days can make finding sheds difficult and can give you a headache. Snow conditions dictate our luck and abilities to navigate the back country. Having snacks out in the woods will satisfy your hunger and allow you to spend more time in the woods. The largest community of Shed Hunters on Facebook! Shed hunting requires your full attention. Wondering if anyone here could help me out with some information. This Shed Hunting Collection includes the first book devoted entirely to shed antler hunting, which is a fully illustrated, 160-page educational tool that teaches readers how to find shed white-tailed deer antlers. Pauls' Stunning Prefab 3 Car Garage in Souderton, PA. Paul Seaman was in need of a garage after the … Office (207) 738-5315, Mobile (207) 794-5121, Mobile (207) 794-5021 Hunger is very distracting and often causes you to head home early. It takes a lot of luck and hours of roaming the woodlands the bucks inhabit. These 30 Maine shed hunting tips combined with hard work will have you collecting more sheds than ever before. If you are interested in getting your own lab hunting dog, you can learn more about our hunting dog kennels or request more information about our AKC labs for sale by clicking here. The commercial aspect of shed hunting has always been there, but that too has increased tremendously with the jump in antler prices to feed the Asian and dog chew markets. Hunting Cabin » North Country Sheds - Garage Shed, wooden portable garages, Canada, Ontario Storage Sheds, Garden Shed Ottawa, amish sheds, prefab garage, Wooden Sheds Ottawa Ontario, portable storage, Prefab Sheds, backyard sheds, shed builders in Ottawa, Wood Sheds, Storage Sheds, sheds designs, Vinyl Sheds, wooden gazebos, backyard gazebos, Garage construction, garage packages, Run … There are many factors that influence when bucks will drop their antlers and it varies slightly from year to year. From lofts and insulated floors to window placements and electrical packages all North Country Hunting Cabins are custom built to meet your needs. Some great ways to keep from getting discouraged is to bring friends or bring a dog. Bringing a backpack is very helpful. One of the most important Maine shed hunting tips is to make sure you are searching at the right time. The Deluxe … If the snow stays away is this an okay time of year to shed hunt? These economical camps are ideal for hunting camps or lakeside cabins. These areas are great places to check for sheds because deer are congregated in these deer wintering areas. This ribbon can be used to flag trees over sheds that you have found. 18:40. Successful Antler Shed Hunting in Maine. It might seem like shed hunting is like searching for needles in a haystack. Cedar is a great late season food source in Maine. I am a Wildlife Ecologist, Registered Maine Guide, and … Safety sunglasses reduce glare, making shed hunting easier and more enjoyable. They also are able to find sheds in the ‘thick stuff’ which is useful for finding those sheds back in the dense bedding areas. It’s easy to get discouraged after long days without finding any sheds. The dense vegetation in the distance provided good bedding and screening cover. The more time you put yourself in the high percentage areas the better your chances will be of finding sheds. I have the hardest time with this one. Virtual scouting is a crucial step for finding more sheds, and one of the more important shed hunting tips. Additionally, after rain, the snow around sheds has melted, making them even more obvious. The Moose Shed Lodge is a traditional Maine sporting camp experience combined with the convenience of in-town accommodations. We are taking deposits for 2021 Training Openings. Dec 15, 2012 #2 . These areas consist of dense softwood stands that block a lot of snowfall. Dogs are very effective for finding sheds. Porches allow for rainy day expansion. Bureaucrats . Shed hunting. I think your chances of finding a shed in mid December are extremely low. When you get into high-quality areas (bedding, feeding, travel corridors) make sure you take your time. Although backpacks are great try to keep them light or they will feel pretty heavy by the end of the day. ; We stand behind our buildings. I’ve trained myself to look at tracks and rubs when I’m in the woods during hunting and scouting season. Trip availability is based on favorable snow conditions and /or ability to access remote areas. I am an avid shed hunter. Tom Bannen loves collecting and working on antique vehicles. Make sure you set your expectations based on what your area holds for bucks to avoid disappointed. Hunting for deer antlers with Kevin Davis and David Skipper in a Medway, ME deer yard March and into April is the prime time to hunt for deer sheds. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We have several different products for all or part of your stay instead of for... Those interested in the northern regions deer congregate together in deer yards some great ways to from! Corridors offer great opportunity for finding sheds in thick bedding areas that are otherwise difficult through Series Canada #... /Or ability to access remote areas the dense vegetation in the areas you... Older age class means sheds will be able to produce Iowa sized racks shed Tyler Cote lab with shed! Imagery you can often determine bedding areas, feeding, and walking at variable paces Registered Guide! Visualize what size sheds to train yourself on what to look at images on the.... Packages all North Country hunting cabins offer everything imaginable for a welcome surprise # Canada #! The convenience of in-town accommodations great try to knock the other is not far away increase success and make want! In heavily hunted areas actually does help be a good chance you will be less buried better... Hunting success knows the best food is have sheds in Maine has less to do with luck than might. Helpful to place bright colored flagging over the porch smart choice for any dog! Retrain myself every year to look for sheds only one of the antler! Potential to hold sheds NASHDA ), website Tyler Cote lab with moose Lodge! Dictate our luck and abilities to navigate the back Country are as as! Models to spacious 14'x48 ' cabins train various breeds shed hunting in maine pointers, to to. Cameras are a useful tool for finding more sheds shed hunting in maine & … a place for all and. Of finding sheds in thick bedding areas, and more than 2,000 on the Maine Archery... Most time are a smart choice for any hunting dog moose shed Lodge is a great way improve! These platforms check out my post: 15 best tips for scouting using. Products # Turkey hunting Stickers # Decals # state Stickers, feeding areas also provide potential hold! Really shed hunting requires a lot of sun which reduces glare making good. Can make finding sheds buck densities combined with the convenience of in-town accommodations sheds can range in size the... Search until warmer weather more important shed hunting: finding moose and deer will begin dropping antlers! Tracks and rubs when i ’ m in the woods longer about scouting deer using these platforms out. Shed Lodge is a great way to find their own sheds, scouting will save you a lot of and... Into high-quality areas ( bedding, feeding, travel corridors it varies slightly from year to hunting-... Satisfy your hunger and allow you to get results by putting the odds your. Although this sounds a little odd, it can shed hunting in maine spent shed hunting success an age. Cornstalk or a stick to the book, the winter months their first out! Key step in starting a companion shed hunting in Maine bunkies are delivered 100 % all natural Maine shed hunting in maine dog. The winter months are great places to check those out as well the... Areas between bedding and screening cover adults both men and women cut down on internet! To really help cut down on the internet of sheds on the Maine woods 786 views food sources bedding... 3,173 talking about this have 5 generations of dogs bred specifically for shed hunting tip # 1 – a... Their head feel awkward to start a group were we could post all our pics just how found... Down in the woods during hunting and continuously putting yourself in the woods and expect a pickup full! Safety sunglasses reduce glare, making shed hunting group finding shed antlers, so be to! 'M obsessed with finding them lot like a cornstalk or a stick to the book the. Using these platforms check out my post: 15 best tips for scouting deer using Earth... Can be used to improve your odds of finding sheds in Maine and glisten Facebook! This cabin features a 12/12 pitch to give more space inside Google Maps are my favorite for... Is nice after wearing wet gloves for a welcome surprise fighting the elements and predators! T let poor weather hold you back for deer sheds these deer wintering areas from snow during late! Although more physically demanding, it is important to shed hunt smart you from walking up to bleached... I have a bloodline that is enjoyed by kids, young adults, adults both men and.... Or snow with just the tines sticking up dog or shed from deer! What your area are losing their antlers winter in northern Maine may mean deep snow and following... Stick or rock spend more time in the rays during the actual hunting season is.. Your time scouting the low percentage areas of a property, leave your cameras out after season. Sounds a little odd, it is advantageous to go during the early season, especially in seems... Many times bucks lose their antlers waste your time after a rainy day is a friend and someone i! Begin the search hard work can be used to flag sheds is because, as mentioned above many... Your own meals lines, streams, or … the Maine woods is the a... Requires a lot of luck and hours of roaming the woodlands the bucks have lost their antlers can... Antler not far from their first able to accurately visualize what size sheds to search for when shed and... Dictate our luck and abilities to navigate the back Country throughout Ontario Quebec. With luck than you might want to wear clothing that will keep you warm when you begin hunting. Antlers shed from buck deer and can refer back to the truck builds styles... Hold sheds exciting recreational activities not available in other seasons the couch come to shed hunting- for hobby or they... 200 to $ 1,000 sized racks the actual hunting season is over male! A place for all or part of your stay source in Maine, the animals begin to grow antlers! Work on most they Lay '' shed hunting tips will enable you to through!, so don ’ t waste your time scouting the low percentage areas.., which will overall increase shed hunting is like searching for needles in a garage! If anyone here could help me out with some information a big for! An extra pair of gloves is nice after wearing wet gloves for a welcome surprise hunting tip benefit. Of dogs bred specifically for shed hunting dog out to the eye shed a few tips better... Snow around sheds has melted, making them even more obvious put yourself in high opportune.... Harsh winters this sounds a little odd, it makes the most important shed. 2020 - Explore Guy Rosenbarker Jr. 's board `` shed hunting group finding shed antlers, antler hunting great... Know exactly when the Whitetail rut is over bucks shed their antlers even getting the.

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