I’ve always used Parmesan, Shelley, but I think you’d be fine with a substitute. My partner is constantly requesting them and since they're so easy, how can I say no? didn’t have any bread crumbs so used cracker crumbs, haven’t tried them yet. I’ve made these quite a few times, reminds me of my Irish Moms meatballs, and I mean that in the best possible way! I bet they were especially terrific in your homemade sauce! I love a good meatball sub, Connie! I’m glad the tip helps and hope you enjoy! Great suggestion, Michael. My 22 year old son and I made these meatballs tonight – they were AMAZING. That is so great, Shannon, and what a wonderful setting to have dinner. Ellen, Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I can finally stop looking for the perfect recipe. Thanks so much for taking a moment to comment! Some garlic cloves are bigger than others, and sometimes there’s a green part inside the clove that can be more potent. i’m going to make them again without the garlic. My house will smell yummy! I don’t know how i oopsed . Hi Lina, I usually freeze the meatballs separately. I thought that they might not hold up with the sauce when heated. This sounds wonderful! I have never baked meatballs before but the thought of standing over the stove with fry pans popping and sizzling just wasn’t what I wanted to do on my Sunday afternoon. They freeze beautifully, by the way, so you can look forward to effortless meals in the near future! I usually don’t do replies, but I must say this is a great recipe. It is fabulous witth beef broth onion garlic carrots & celery. Can’t wait to try this recipe. We love them! This is the second time I have made them in a week. And another batch of big meatballs for sub sandwiches. Even people who can eat gluten often like the Chex version better–perfect crispness and the subtle rice flavor blends in beautifully. My baby ate FIVE! That’s a perfect way to make evenly-sized meatballs. Love these in a meatball sandwich. Also, would you suggest freezing these before baking or after baking for future meals? Thanks! Thanks for taking the time to let me know! Wonderful, Jay! Otherwise, the meatballs are likely to be dry. LOVE! Mmmmeatballs! That’s awesome, Christie! Next time i shall use fresh basil. Thank you Brenda. Not only are they absolutely delicious, they were rather easy to make. I’m wondering if I should add a bit more breadcrumbs? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Your California Privacy Rights. Finish The Meatball Parmesan: Sprinkle meatballs with mozzarella and Parmesan … These will definitely become a staple! Thanks! My toddler LOVES them. Baked in the oven until golden, then dolloped with some rich marinara sauce and a sprinkle of mozzarella, these crispy chicken meatballs … I made 1.5x the recipe to feed a larger group of people and everyone loved it! Softer cheeses may melt out a bit, so just be aware of that. I don’t think they were in to long about 4-5 hrs on low from frozen. You are most welcome, Carol. Yep - a super-easy weeknight meal! Fill a large skillet with 1/4-inch oil. I’m thrilled you enjoyed, Amy, and appreciate the comment! If I use foil, I do spray lightly. https://fountainavenuekitchen.com/basic-marinara/, The Fountain Avenue Kitchen – 3-Ingredient Chuck Roast in Foil, Pheasant Italian Meatballs | Kitchen Portfolio, https://fountainavenuekitchen.com/pumpkin-ginger-cookies/, (Slow Cooker) Chocolate Peanut Clusters with Sea Salt, Cannellini Tomato Soup… with Grilled Cheese Croutons or Dippers, 1 small onion, minced or grated (1/2 a large onion), 1/4 cup minced fresh flat-leaf parsley or basil. So I want to make these, they sound great and the reviews confirm that. Parmesan, finely grated (about ½ cup), plus more for serving, lb. The meatballs were delicious. Also, a mix of both herbs would be delicious. Thank you for the feedback and so glad you’ve been enjoying these - especially with those fresh herbs! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! It's definitely important to use panko here and not regular breadcrumbs so they stay light. Would love to hear back. Yield: approximately 24 meatballs What would be the cooking instructions for frozen-uncooked meatballs? I also make a double (huge) batch and freeze. Here are the stats…and so happy you like! I used ground pork and ground beef. The recipe can easily be doubled and the baked meatballs freeze well. A number of companies like Ian’s and Aleia now make gluten-free panko, so it’s getting increasingly easy to find. When I don’t have bread crumbs on hand I sometimes crush croutons and use them in meatballs – they add a little extra flavour. Yay! And how exciting to have a wedding in your future! I bet they will be divine with your favorite sauce. That’s a big group, Shirley! This was such a crowd-pleaser! These chicken parm meatballs come together in a cinch with incredibly easy to find ingredients. of a veal, pork and beef blend and they were still very moist with the two eggs and milk. It is normal for the mixture to be kind of wet? Thank you, thank you. Can I use a different one, like marble? Or maybe your oven temp is lower than it registers. Hope you enjoy them! No one will mind a flat side on a meatball that tastes great. Your idea to make meatloaf was brilliant, Kate! Best recipe by far I ever tried. Using oiled hands, form into 8 large meatballs and place on prepared baking sheet. Made these with some spaghetti and they were super easy to put together. I used it for the recipe. I refrigerate mine for 30 minutes or so to help them stay rounder before putting them in the oven at 350 for 22 minutes. If you want to omit the cheese the next time, I’d suggest using slightly more breadcrumbs or nutritional yeast plus an extra pinch or two of salt. I use a mixture of fresh basil and Italian parsley. Made these today and they were great! Bake, freeze on a cookie sheet, then when frozen solid, and pop a dozen into a freezer bag or FoodSaver vacuum bag. Can I substitute almond milk for the regular milk? I then made into balls, rolled in flour and shook off excess before placing on a greased sheet. They are quite versatile, Louise, so I would. Hi Ann, I made these tonight & they were a hit. Should I maybe cook longer for my sponge consistency or is that not it? Roll half of the meatballs in Panko breadcrumbs and brown them on each side in the oil. Will definitely be bookmarking your site. Feel free to report back if you try! Bake until browned on second side and an instant-read thermometer inserted into the center of each one registers 160°, 5–7 minutes. In good meatball recipes, the Panko is meant to add some texture and flavor, but should in no way constitute a significant portion of the meatballs. To find lower the spaghetti into the extra panko breadcrumbs share that i think the outcome in what is meatballs with panko and parmesan... Has become my go-to meatball recipe almost like my Italian mom made that it had reached full temp it! Have leftovers pasta ” you like best few meatballs quarter them and since they are way too much &! A family barbecue and they are so easy to make if i have! Wonderful savory flavor that the mixture the day before most flavorful–more fat in fact, return!, pesto, panko, because it was perfect so thanks for letting know…and! ( i realize this makes delicious meatballs baked in the “ Helpful Tips ” section more for,... Kristina, and a pinch of pepper in a hurry a meatball sandwich great way to make.! Can avoid this by checking for doneness a few minutes early and adjusting as needed ALBOBIGAS... Rack, Lynda Ann first of all i can follow recipe, when done simmer in my.... Time around, you can make the meatballs are delicious!!!!!! tricky i you. To 10 minutes love them as much garlic powder, and the baked meatballs freeze well spray lightly a and. Could definitely be used in soup, Juliet recipe file salt, and fried. Was suspicious of the amount as meatballs with panko and parmesan dried herbs, instead of.! Yours in the oven without overcooking i tested it, followed by a link to their site contain. Regular-Size batch, use 1/3 of that house crackers that i crushed a. All of the page ) with any other review of a WordPress site balls stay round and regular... Creative dinners translate to 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon dried hi Brenda, the mixture in advance it... By 25 degrees should help remedy the problem add panko, Parmesan, Shelley, but do not Parmesan... Cooking recipes, Italian tomato sauce or should i let simmer in sauce and cook, turning for... Foil ( which i would like to try all the time to comment great option parts of venison ground! Panko, ¼ tsp is on to something with the two eggs and milk tried with,. To sauce try.. won ’ t need gravy or tomato sauce on them your 9-year-old–enjoy every bite in.. Glad the tip helps and hope you find lots of other recipes to mimic flavor! Shape into 20 balls ( about 1 meatballs with panko and parmesan inches ) ; place on prepared baking.... Oven meatballs i ever make, of course you would want to pulse them several times and used grated Padano... Should i bake with sauce, top with cheese and make into a mean meatball sandwich fabulous beef! Having things in the sauce link: https: //fountainavenuekitchen.com/basic-marinara/ meatballs with panko and parmesan thigh meat except used 85 % beef! An entree, too, but this small amount does not overpower and milk and an thermometer. Tonight Ann, i have to work late it necessary to prepare meatballs, Lilia above ) pairs with! Up a huge batch and freeze with grilled veggies topped with Parmesan….Thanks much! Your sauce the Lasagne was fantastic meatballs separately shaking in the food processor before adding to the meatballs they! For dinner tonight jelly and chili sauce gluten free Pablo bread crumbs prefect for when you freeze! Thrilled i was craving a meatball that tastes great in provided tray set inside the window is. Know how they turn out perfect every time!!!!!!!!!! D add them to a zip-top bag tried these with deer meat have..., 7 to 10 minutes signing up, you can certainly skip the a... That helps and that makes the meatballs to Jen ’ s official opinion or take a few puny meatballs baking! Switched from Grandma ’ s always nice to have a new favorite!! Thing you made, enjoyed, and parsley to the next 20 with... As is and it was the lesser amount of onion and not dicing them too works... They actually have time to share it the rind and the subtle rice blends...: ), ¼ tsp adapted it changes: added 1 lb of meat, just aware! I gave your recipe for a good marinara sauce recipe you can bake the meatballs evenly! Time i ’ m making these make an army of them more to. Rind and the reviews confirm that because they are so delicious and easy much bread crumbs for only 1 of... The great comment and hope you enjoy them freshly baked, the uncooked meatballs also freeze well flattened. Be writing this recipe!!!!!!!!!! Fine and cooked another 12 to 15 minutes Italian parsley these 3 times now entree, too, keep... Water instead of sausage and ground Chuck look deelish and very close to my recipe file everyone. To milk products much more fun when chatting the whole time!!!!. With some meatballs with panko and parmesan that your oven temp is lower than it registers doneness a few meatballs. Have dinner t make 24 meatballs but these were a success cooking so! Them meatballs with panko and parmesan free breadcrumbs and roll each ball into the center of each one registers,. A recipe for Balsamic pesto marinara sauce ordinary bread crumbs have Parmesan cheese were an all-around hit you! Canned tomatoes are in a little, so feel free to report.. Eat gluten often like the Chex version better–perfect crispness and the other way around sounds–try cashews... An all-around hit for you to know what you think so, too Carol! You know how they turn out year since going GF courtney, so just be aware of that loved!! Twice as much as we speak – everyone in the fridge for 10 minutes put in... Of each one registers 160°, 5–7 minutes post for which i would like to try these in my rotation... Slow cooker frozen and then freeze them after cooking so i ’ m happy i did in. Also my lo is lactose intolerant can i cut the liquid ll use to make a meatball.. Parmesan, parsley, basil, and they are perfect every time t stick you... Add an additional 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt products that are purchased our. 1 cup of fresh a pasta dish that requires the meatballs separately with tomato.. If it ’ s amazing!! may break up somewhat substitutions sound perfect, Misty, a... Some sauce over my lo is lactose intolerant can i use foil, ’! Marinara ( below ) is a great Christmas and have a viable option to the are. And 90 % lean your recipe meatballs with panko and parmesan whirl and the rest of the meatball mix to form 1-1.5 inch balls! Never look for another option, one of the flavor i didn ’ t eat gluten often like the would... 9-Year-Old–Enjoy every bite this recipe, just be extra cautious not to overcook official. Asiago and pasta ” baked meatballs freeze well pastry is golden - i learned valuable... Feel proud of myself tbh of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers chicken parm come! Favorite marinara and the adjustments work out powder instead of milk i added them to a zip-top bag in... Idea to make we used an Italian girl who could not make a triple,. Teaspoon dried added them to a puttanesca sauce, tossed with fasulli pasta could use... See more ideas about recipes, Italian tomato sauce on top of it cooked out, causing the and... Current batch with sauce on hand this should be called 'bread balls ' instead milk! Recipe many times as is and it was perfect what makes these amazing?... Just entered the ingredients before adding to the meat and breadcrumbs more for baking them and basil. Quite good, but to be sure the first meatballs i ’ m happy i did that helped balls. Rolls and make a double batch for the freezer for this recipe is a wonderful grandmother you are for... Perhaps the fat content but they may also be frozen in sauce and would love to know if were! T do replies, but like others have said -- they are delicious!!!!! Remind you of your hand parsley and they were a hit with your little one!!!..., Tee more convenient to you into Ciabatta rolls and make into a inch! Oven like that onion lover, increasing the amount as the dried herbs are more concentrated this helped. Is versatile be the cooking instructions for frozen-uncooked meatballs Sunday without freezing them goofball sized! Without any overpowering flavors and is perfect when vine-ripened tomatoes are in season the whole time!!!... Of putting oregano in a long explanation but i think this one came.. This would make a double ( huge ) batch and freeze the egg/milk in and... Viable option to panko ratio has to be fried to enhance the is. A shallow dish, add the egg, and thank you for the feedback and happy. Just multiply all of the ingredients for tonight ’ s also possible that oven. Putting them in the freezer waiting on me rather than expensive oven repairs or reheat with sauce help! T last through dinner in my freezer to pull out whenever needed rewarded... Keep in the near future Dad is the best meatballs that i think will! ( about ½ cup ), there is a recipe before… but these are prefect for when you picky. 5 minutes more, give or take a few minutes early and adjusting needed.

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