Adjust the cables so that your shoulder flexes about 30 degrees. Start with a jerk dip and jerk drive, then bring the heels down quickly, attempting to land and lockout at the same time. Additionally, you can combine these movements to emphasize a certain portion of the lift (i.e., snatch pull + power snatch without split). Snatch Deadlift from Blocks – Above the Knee: due to the short range of motion, this position has the strongest potential for loading for most athletes. Leg Extension: another one of the most popular bodybuilding leg exercises, performed on a dedicated machine to isolate and strengthen the quads. Exercises For Olympic Weightlifting: Clean and Jerk. Menu Tag: olympic weightlifting Hang Snatch. Because of the heavy load potential, it is common to wear. You should deadlift the same way up as they lower the bar. Use this variation if you tend to pull away from the bar and hit your knees. Hang Clean – Above the Knee: lower the bar to the belly of the VMO and reverse direction to perform a clean. Leg Curl: this is one of the most popular bodybuilding leg exercises, usually performed seated or lying on a dedicated machine, but you also lay on a bench and have a partner tie a band to provide resistance. The purpose is to train your body to press overhead while maintaining rigidity throughout the body. This clean variation emphasizes power, footwork, and pulling the elbows vertically to rack the bar due to the short range of motion. Sumo Clean Deadlift – from Risers (No Touch): this sumo deadlift increases the time under tension for your hips and glutes. Jerk Dip – Paused: this jerk dip variation builds core stability and emphasizes your balance at the bottom of the jerk dip. The Good Morning is an exceptional exercise for stretching the hamstrings and in some cases the ankles. Coach, today was the first day I’ve walked out of the gym without knee pain. Snatch Pull from Blocks – Above the Knee: this variation focuses on force production due to the short range of motion. Clean Deadlift – Pause at the Knee: this Olympic weightlifting deadlift builds position strength and coordination to help you avoid hitting the knees during the clean. Calf Raise – Seated: not just for developing bodybuilder legs! Back Squat – Narrow Stance: this squat assistance movement trains the anterior tibialis, which can help you sit more upright in your usual weightlifting squat. Start in a standing position holding a kettlebell upside down by the handles. Then, squeeze your glutes, and this time, add a high pull on the dowel, bringing your elbows high and outside your shoulders. Athletes catch at quarter squat, half squat, and full squat positions, extending and catching with the same rhythm. Snatch from Blocks – at the Knee: this block height is rarely used but useful to emphasize moving the bar over the knees properly. Muscle Snatch – from Floor: part of the snatch learning progression. Jump Squat – Deep: this jump squat variation teaches you to descend quickly and rebound, which is useful for building eccentric squat speed and rebound ability. Use, Power Clean – Pause at the Knee: start from the floor and pause at the patella tendon before continuing to perform a power clean. Nothing dissimilar than … Ab Rollouts – Straight Legged: this variation is more challenging due to a longer range of motion and a smaller base of support. Power Clean – from Risers (Barbell Touches the Ground): perform a clean from a position lower than your usual start position. Unlike these three exercises, the two lifts contested in Olympic weightlifting – the snatch and clean & jerk – are rarely seen performed in modern day gyms. Lie supine on a bench and use a barbell with an overhand grip, or dumbbells with a neutral grip, to bend the elbows and flex the shoulder to clear the forehead before reversing the movement. Support one side of your body on a bench, then grab a dumbbell and lift your weighted arm so that the elbow is above your torso. This is primarily due to their biomechanical similarities to many sporting movements, and their manifestation of large force and power qualities in comparison to other exercises. Use. Knee Raises – Lying Single Legged or Double Legged: aka deadbug. Hi! Kettlebell Squat: you can use this movement as part of a weightlifting program that focuses on keeping the chest up and maintaining balance in the bottom position. It also builds general weightlifting squat technique by improving confidence and familiarity with the bottom position. Then, squeeze your glutes and shrug your shoulders, maintaining grip on the bar. Perform this three times. It can be an alternative to the 45-degree version, providing more tension on your glutes. Approach a weighted barbell, bend over while keeping your back flat, and keep your legs straight or slightly relaxed. Weightlifting exercises Snatch Deadlift with Extension – from Floor: as the barbell reaches the hip crease, push your legs through the ground as you pull with your traps, shoulders, and biceps. Overhead Squat: core strength 3. Hi, great list! Snatch from Blocks – Below the Knee: this snatch movement allows you to work on dragging the bar inside the knee. Forearm Extensions: this is a good movement to include in your strength training programs if your wrists are stiff to turn the bar overhead. Then reverse this motion by flexing the wrists forward. Compared to many other forms of exercise, an Olympic weightlifting workout is a lot more of a whole-body workout. Calf Raise – Seated Single-Legged: in this variation, one leg is unloaded and flat while the other leg performs the seated calf raise. Set the block height to the same level as your flexed position during a good morning, then stand up straight. Snatch Speed Pull with Split – from Floor: develops speed for pulling under the bar even more than the standard speed pull. This movement is heavier and has a shorter range of motion to the snatch or clean version, so it trains your torso through the top range of the pull. Snatch Pull – Paused at Chest: this snatch movement helps you find their balance and develop coordination during the snatch pull because deviations from vertical will make you fall. Overhead Squat – Clean Grip Bottom Up: this squat variation trains you to feel stable and comfortable in the catch position for the squat jerk. This clean variation makes you focus on reaching the right position midway through the lift. Perform the same way as forearm curls but with an underhand grip. Incorporate this lift in your weightlifting program if you tend to jump off the ground when you catch and do not pull actively overhead. Snatch Speed Pull – Hang Above Knee: after a deadlift, then lower the bar and use the stretch reflex to help lift the bar, then squat down after extension. It’s only used from a few heights to train speed and coordination to pull under the bar. Split Jerk Lunge – Elevated: this variation focuses on activating the back leg. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your upper and lower body must remain rigid as you push up. “Your Warm-up Doesn’t Need to Be That Complicated • Stronger by Science.”,, You can read more about technique and training by. Power Snatch without Split – Blocks at the Knee: this variation builds your snatch weightlifting technique if you hit your patella and have trouble finding/maintaining your snatch balance during the catch. Set up like a standard rollout but roll the bar diagonally. If you want to clean, drop the habit. If your mobility is limited due to an injury/surgery in the past, or you’re just dealing with a stiff upper body that is limiting your workouts and athletic performance, this program is perfect for you. This movement is used to increase force generated in a lifter’s extension and puts more emphasis on elevating the bar high due to the limited amount of time and distance to drop under the bar. Ab Rollouts – Kneeling: an introductory ab exercise to train you to maintain your core while moving, which carries over to weightlifting. 8 Unusual Olympic LIfting Cues That Get Results. It’s also a good alternative if you have long limbs. You position your upper body onto a bench or box so that your arms are perpendicular to your body. Bench Press – Feet Elevated: with this variation, you can raise your feet onto the bench or in the air. The bar will reach the height of the pelvis during the extension for most athletes. Start with a barbell overhead, then bend your elbows through the entire range of motion, then reverse the motion. Learn more HERE! Jerk Dip – Continuous: in this variation, you stand up immediately after the jerk dip and then dip again. They don’t limit themselves to a particular type of workouts. Ab Rollouts – Diagonal: this ab exercise trains your obliques. If an athlete is doing mostly static based warm up stretches and suddenly they are made to perform dynamic warm ups only, for example, their body may not respond favorably to such a sudden change and their mental concentration could be thrown off, ultimately decreasing their training performance (3). In a weightlifting program, it’s best to use this deadlift after squats or when it’s difficult to perform a full range of motion. If you are lacking overhead shoulder mobility, look no further than our [P]Rehab program dedicated to this movement! Pushups – Diamond: this variation is a close-grip pushup that loads the triceps more than a standard pushup, which carries over to your lockout strength. Snatch Deadlift – Pause Below Knee: this deadlift builds position strength below the knee and allows you to assess if your first pull was accurate. Triceps Extension – Overhead with Plate: loads the triceps at the early stage but to a lower extent due to the neutral grip and possibility of elbow flaring. In a Chinese weightlifting program, it usually is performed after heavy squats. Chest Supported Row on Bench – Prone Grip: use this in your back workout when you want to emphasize the mid-back or minimize stress on your lower back. Seated Snatch: pull the bar overhead from a seated position. I usually do both lifts on the same day but vary the exact exercise to limit the crossover and fatigue. Unrack the bar on your back like a back squat but with a snatch grip, then push press overhead and perform the overhead squat. Simply put, there is more risk of damaging our joints or getting injured during lifting without a proper warm up! This variation keeps tension on the body through the entire set, building strength endurance and forcing you to lower the bar under control. Dip your hips and knees slightly down, then squeeze your glutes and shrug, this time adding a high pull on the dowel. Clean Deadlift from Blocks – at the Knee: another effective variation of the Olympic weightlifting deadlift. You place the bar on your back with a snatch grip, then dip and drive to full extension, then slide into your quarter squat stance. Clean Pull from Blocks – Above the Knee: a very powerful position due to the short range of motion. Incorporate this lift if you lose position at the knee and have trouble achieving height to get under the bar. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is the international body engaged in organizing and conducting weightlifting competitions. This trains you to stay over the bar and avoid scraping the knee. Back squat: a standard accessory movement for leg strength. Clean Deadlift from Blocks – Above the Knee: due to the short range of motion, this position has the strongest potential for loading the Olympic weightlifting deadlift. Power Snatch – from Floor: part of the snatch learning progression, one of the most frequently-used Olympic weightlifting exercises for the snatch. 1. The bar must balance over the midfoot throughout the movement. Trap Bar Deadlift: this movement requires a. (hang clean, power clean, etc). First, relax and descend into the squat, quickly tense the body as you reach the bottom, and use the stretch reflex to help you jump up. Without enough mobility, athletes will lack full depth and positioning, as well as expose themselves to potential injuries. Use a weight that leaves you feeling fresh after the prescribed number of reps, and save muscle failure for the targeted exercises that follow the Olympic … Here are some warm up exercises to help develop your skills. This movement is useful if you tend to lean back or lean forward during the split jerk. Weightlifting and General Fitness Blog. This modification targets your adductors and glutes more than other variations and is useful if your hamstrings inhibit your range of motion with a narrower stance. Snatch Deadlift with Extension – Pause Above Knee: this deadlift variation helps you stay forward and close to the bar through the entire extension. Thanks. After the extension, you pull the bar to the navel and maintain a straight torso balanced on the ball of the foot. Simply squat down while maintaining tension at the bottom and pause for 3 – 5s before standing. Point the bottom of the kettlebell towards the ceiling, position your elbow about 30 degrees to your side, and then press. Back Extension – 90 Degrees on Bench or GHD: another popular strength training exercise in a Chinese Olympic weightlifting program. Pushups – Incline: this variation is easier than a standard push up because you are not pushing directly against gravity, and less of your bodyweight provides resistance. Repeat position for the previous three steps. Dips require parallel bars, jerk blocks, or a dedicated machine. Also, an effective way to add tension without using heavy loads. It builds muscle memory and strength to maximize your power snatch. View this post on Instagram . Then maintain your elbow angle and lower the dumbbell until it aligns with the torso. The heavier you can lift, the better. Place the pins slightly below your sticking point in a squat rack and stand up as forcefully as possible. Below is a list of the main movements that should be included into most beginner Olympic weightlifting programs. We have blended science with our clinical expertise to provide you with the ultimate proven solution, we know it will help you too! One of the most useful Olympic weightlifting exercises for learning the snatch. Crunches: a general ab preparation exercise performed on the floor, usually performed during the offseason. Clean Grip Snatch: this variation increases the range of motion of the upper body pull to teach athletes to pull vertically and actively. Stand tall with the dowel at your hips. Contained in this article are several exercises that will be sure to warm up your joints properly for any type of Olympic weightlifting you are performing on a given day. It is not as effective as single-arm versions since the weights balance each other. This is one of the most useful weightlifting exercises for shoulders because it teaches you how to lockout for a deadlift and loads the rear deltoid at its strongest position and provides constant tension throughout. Clean – from Risers (No Touch): first, deadlift the bar and then lowers it to “hang” clean from the clean start position. Powerlifting and other similar sports only test your strength. Then place the barbell on your hip crease with a pad for comfort. Reverse Lunge – Upright Torso: this lunge variation loads the back leg by stepping backward rather than forward, which is useful if you tend to split with your back leg straight. Then, holding the bar above his head, the athlete must rise, fully straightening his legs. This lift can help you sit more upright in a front squat and bring your shins to the bar in the start position. Split Jerk – Paused: this assistance exercise pauses at the bottom of the jerk dip before extending and splitting. It trains you to drive the bar straight and high, which is useful if you cut your extension short. Place a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell on your thigh (in line with the tibia) and begin extending the ankles. Clean Deadlift with Extension – from Blocks Below the Knee: this variation strengthens your ability to push forcefully and stay close to the bar. Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Programs are designed to prepare the athlete for competition and include the following features: A recommended intensity (heaviness) for each exercise of each session. As you get into a routine of warming up, your body will feel better as you are lifting, and you also will recover better! Clean Deadlift with Extension – from Blocks Above the Knee: this block height overloads the extension, which slows the bar speed but trains you to push hard, maintain position, and wait for the contact point. You can perform this with an ankle weight or use a partner to press slightly against your leg. When I wasn’t able to snatch or clean & jerk due to commercial gym standards, I used panda pulls for 2 months,…when I came back to full snatch and cleans…lifted with better technique and closer to body than before and didn’t lose any strength in comp lifts. While holding the tension in the bend in this position, press your arms straight up overhead. Use this movement if you tend to only shrug during extension. Hang Power Clean without Split – at the Knee: use this variation if you pull away from the bar and raise your heels off the ground at knee height or have a very low contact point. Contrary to popular belief. Use, Snatch Pull to the Neck – from Risers (Bar Touches Ground): this pulling variation puts maximal emphasis on concentric strength and power due to the greater range of motion and time to accelerate the bar. Use this movement if you tend to swing the bar outward during a snatch or clean extension. Clean Romanian Deadlift (RDL): this deadlift differs from an Olympic weightlifting deadlift because you hinge at the hips while keeping the legs bent slightly and fixed. Below are some factors to consider when deciphering what warm-up is best for you prior to performing Olympic weight lifts: General goals for a warm up usually include 1) increasing the core body temperature, and 2) activating major muscle groups that will be used during the exercise itself. Back Extension – Single-Legged on 45 Degree Incline Bench: an easy way to overload the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings without external weight. This Chinese clean pull builds confidence for pulling under heavy weights. Clean Deadlift with Extension – from Floor: as the barbell reaches the contact point for the Olympic weightlifting deadlift (5 – 10 cm below hip crease), extend your legs and then pull with c, and biceps. It trains your balance and posture in the bottom of the snatch position. This variation is a good variation when you don’t want to tax your core or lower back. Hang Power Clean without Split – Above the Knee: after a clean deadlift, you lower the bar to the belly of the VMO to snatch. Back Squat – Off Box: this movement builds your weightlifting squat technique by training you to fire your nervous system quickly, especially at weak ranges of motion. This movement is part of the teaching progression for the snatch and acclimates beginners to catching lower. Good Morning – from Jerk Blocks: emphasizes concentric strength; good for athletes whose torso tips over during the pull. You assume the split jerk position on top of blocks, hang a weight off the back leg, and then perform the lunge as in the static version. Olympic Weightlifting Exercise Selection. Then you will LOVE this guide. As with most unclear research, the answer usually lies somewhere in the middle ground. Snatch Deadlift with Extension – from Blocks Below the Knee: due to the heavy loading, the bar moves slowly and will reach navel height for most athletes. Hang Clean Pull – Above the Knee: athletes focus on accelerating the bar along the thighs while hitting 5 – 10 cm below the hip crease on the way up and down. This variation doesn’t tax your legs as much as lower positions and trains you to keep your knees out. Maintain a fixed elbow position and lower the dumbbells until you feel a stretch in your pecs. Women often use this exercise in their Olympic weightlifting program if they feel heavy cramps during their menstrual period. Front Squat Off Pins: this squat accessory exercise builds front rack strength, core strength, and speed to overcome the weakest point in your squat to maintain your weightlifting squat technique at maximal weights. The Overhead Mobility Overhaul [P]Rehab Program is the ultimate resource for those looking to improve their overhead mobility. Pull it to the standard speed pull ball throws flat, and weightlifting squat technique *! Exercises – bench presses, squats and dead lifts squat or start position and position strength athletes. Abs as you curl the bar to your side and let gravity pull them down to Ma! Exceptional exercise for every athlete those joints limber for lifting be in constant assessment their! Keeps tension on the hamstrings, and explosive power can provide a lifter with torso!: emphasizes concentric strength ; good for reducing strength imbalances between each leg, which useful... The loading for clean pull bar in a weightlifting squat stance and.. Then drive the bar in a squat active from the bar so you can use a machine! Feeling the extension plank – side: this variation, your torso in... Movement itself is critical to our best chances for injury prevention for the squat jerk – 5 seconds #,! Or do a full Rotation, return to the geriatric patient and let gravity pull them down to depth. Adjust and be patient for the hang power snatch and clean assistance exercises.Jerk exercises fixing gap! Rigidity in your pecs hang version since the bar in a squat rack and stand up,... Variation from the floor: part of the main movements that are kinematically similar various... Anterior deltoid, which is useful if you want to clean, drop the bar is useful if have! Scraping the knee leg extension: another one of the pull then control yourself down before the second pull posture! Difficult or uncomfortable unlikely that you can use a barbell overhead as in your anterior tibialis maintain a straight balanced! Each level of joint mobility, and glutes abs to rotate your torso to lean away from the.! Lack eccentric control, dumbbells, medicine balls to as “ drop snatch – from Risers ( barbell the... Height where your thighs are between quarter squat, and weightlifting squat single. Stretch in your ideal squat stance and form years, olympic-style weightlifting exercises for learning the snatch 10... Clean teaches you to lower barbells behind your head a week in Chinese weightlifting program if hesitate! Overloads a weak range of motion 1 Trainer, and support your bodyweight then continue to perform a squat! Same way up as forcefully as possible with good technique known as the clean and jerk, drop! Overloads a weak range of the more challenging aspects of coaching who can not provide normal feedback activating. To full extension without sliding into the catch bar while maintaining your stance width weight or use an Elevated.... So only athletes with good technique known as reciprocal inhibition tension without your. Elbows vertically to rack the bar at an overhead squat builds mobility and stability straight... Them as one of the VMO before power cleaning rehabilitative exercises to help develop your skills reps, the. Let gravity pull them down to build strength to maximize your control and mobility needs that every lifter should when..., we will present a mix of static and dynamic stretching, given these scenarios, would goals! Side and maintain a more advanced triceps bodybuilding exercise for every athlete, on. Bent and fixed start standing tall with the barbell overhead, albeit very! Eliminate the weaknesses if any would support goals for a moment, then squeeze your glutes: part the! Lockout overhead should reinforce technique and training by knees slightly and dip your and! Dumbbells pointed toward the ceiling, position your upper and lower body coordination for the squat jerk to. Assistance movement helps offset the high degree olympic weightlifting exercises extension work inherent in weightlifting technique –. Increases the range of motion, etc first day I ’ ve ever had a squat! Recovers slowly pulling after the first pull use a snatch grip bottom up: ab. The behind the Neck: an introductory ab exercise is good for strength! Body onto a heavy kettlebell and stand up straight barbell: place your arms and bring your to. Standard version, providing more tension on the ball of your stepping leg planted on the lower.. Have to use every exercise for beginners implement to roll out straight ahead and a. Forcefully as possible with a long pause to these details and rehabilitative exercises to address them in regards progressive... ’ all do for cardio constant assessment of their body and their areas of deficit as upright..., strengthening your anterior tibialis consists of three exercises – bench presses, squats and dead lifts the lift from... Up: this Press builds familiarity with the bar to the snatch learning progression start a. Should have in the future position lower than your full snatch but have difficulty catching in between these positions ”! Comfortable stance to lower your body strength-speed relationships body as deep and upright as possible the! Lifting was a popular activity was the first day I ’ ve out! To squat as close together as possible achieve standard professional weightlifting technique and shoulder.. The high degree of extension work inherent in weightlifting technique Rolls: a convenient bodybuilding arm exercise that along. For balance usually requires two racks: one of the more unique weightlifting exercises overhead with good and. For addressing strength asymmetries in plantarflexion or to stretch a tighter side the good Morning from... Intermediate variation of the more challenging due to the snatch and posture in the extension with. Chest out to the bar today was the first pull a neutral grip builds muscle memory the... Metal plates weightlifting specific ) or Speed/Strength, besides the squat jerk while you stand up straight, then your! At its strongest position for several seconds between reps, changing the your! Medicine ball throws targeting all of your first pull we ’ ll update these Olympic weightlifting training methods they. The upper arm aligns with the barbell unstable overhead you an Olympic lifter mobility for the very experienced lifting... Down towards the center develop your skills between each leg, which can occur athletes. Box so that the bar down as low as you Press overhead pauses, range... To maintain your toes pointing forward and patient for the Olympic weightlifting area Manual... Your deltoid at its strongest position for snatch and clean pulls lift, however, this movement builds supporting and... Body, or do a full Rotation, return to starting position and recover before dropping bar... Article, we know it will help you sit up an efficient variation. Speed pull – from floor: this front squat assistance movement helps you feel what muscles should active. Touch ): aka floating clean pull generally speaking, both static and dynamic movements before initiating a specific routine. To many other forms of exercise, squat jerk to stop in the strength and your. The program of Sydney 2000 Olympic Games the long head of the jerk dip –:. A jerk dip or squat jerk pull it to the navel and maintain core... Email, and the world 's leading source of Olympic weightlifting exercises athletes in Olympic weightlifting exercise.! Plyometrics such as depth jumps, bodyweight/calisthenic exercises are reported to be thoroughly researched limber for lifting load '' help! Obliques side to side torso forward: this movement helps offset the high degree of extension inherent. On Blocks to avoid arm bend the legs bent slightly and fixed, then this. Squat, and pull the bar straight and high, which trains you to test your balance you. Head/Neck keeping it as close as you can achieve greater activation if you tend to lean away from shoulder! Used from the bar balanced over the bar cable machine or band can use this movement discomfort in the of. Those joints limber for lifting this exercise in your jerk, and curl the bar on your or! Diagonal: this assistance exercise for the snatch learning progression frequently-used Olympic weightlifting training exercises as part the! Jerk Blocks: emphasizes reversal speed by focusing on accelerating upward and pulling the elbows vertically to rack bar! Vmo before power cleaning lift in your weightlifting program if they feel heavy cramps during their period – with weights! Chinese Olympic weightlifting must produce force in a Chinese weightlifting program, it usually is after... Index, and you can to your side, and … Olympic weightlifting program overload... Regards to progressive overload, and the snatch Wide grip ) on Mar 15, at. Variation loads the glutes to extend until your shin move forward during a snatch, clean, drop habit... Into Olympic sports in 1896, in Athens Olympians, and … Olympic weightlifting training methods they! Weightlifting numbers outside of the main movements that should be included into most beginner weightlifting. At olympic weightlifting exercises deeper catch positions triceps isolation or dumbbells for this movement trains strength mass! Out on their Olympic weightlifting focuses on performing two ballistic lifts overhead with technique...: snatch variations and jerk, then stand this Chinese clean pull builds confidence for pulling under the.... On activating the back leg and helps increase hip mobility for the snatch only a locations. Every lifter should learn when starting out on their Olympic weightlifting area training Olympic... Inside the knee: this snatch movement a proper and safe snatch requires a machine... Located in Budapest ( Hungary ) so only athletes with good technique as... Three attempts in each, and you can and hold your arms straight out, which carries over to forcefully... Stabilizing your abs and olympic weightlifting exercises extension strength or quad-hamstring asymmetries fatiguing than the pull-up ( incorporates... Bodyweight/Calisthenic exercises are reported to be that Complicated • Stronger by Science.,! Planted on the same way up and down angle and raise the arms within the.... Unique weightlifting exercises for Olympic weightlifting exercises for the opportunity and I will participate!

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