In many instances a combination of technologies must be incorporated into the repair process to ensure a full understanding is achieved. A catcher is used for a stationary AWJ nozzle and movable workpiece setup while a settling tank is used when the workpiece is held stationary and AWJ nozzle is moved. - gas composition effects pressure flow relationship, • Nozzle Generally water jet is kept perpendicular to the workpiece. Fig. Modern machining methods can be classified based on different criteria which influence the processes and its outcomes. Cutting carbon fiber-reinforced plastics with an OMAX abrasive waterjet has major advantages, such as no tool clogging or wear, no need to change tooling, no special considerations or restrictions due to heat buildup, no melting, and no hazardous fumes requiring costly air handling equipment. The process like Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM), Ultrasonic Machining (USM), High speed machining of composite materials, Assessing Properties of Conventional and Specialized Materials, Gas turbine maintenance, refurbishment and repair, Power Plant Life Management and Performance Improvement, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Abrasive jet machining (AJM), ultrasonic machining (USM), water jet machining (WJM), Electrochemical machining (ECM), electrochemical grinding (ECG). Improved part integrity & increased number of repair cycles: no chemical or thermal impact to the part, no removal of the base material … 2. WJM process is suitable for cutting of soft, porous, fibrous, granular materials. High velocity jet is aimed at a surface under controller condition . Concept of laser-assisted water jet machining (a), (b) and (c) [119–121]. . These parts underwent a more sensitive inspection using fluorescent penetrant as the technique to ensure minute defects were captured. The whole process is required to be carried out within a vacuum chamber to avoid interaction between ions and atmospheric gas molecules. In order to generate such a tool, the water is first pressurized. Abrasive Removal. Plasma shop owners buy precision water jet cutters to cut non-conductive material or cut precision parts. Thus the bottom of the slots of the EDM tool machined with WJ will not be functional surfaces. WJM process is applied for cutting of unidirectional carbon fiber fabrics. Training Online Engineering { Mechanical drilling (with diamond tool) or diamond cutting can be used for glass machining. For the fabrication of the specimen (including the machining of any slits), laser or water jet machining is recommended, although any method demonstrated to work satisfactorily may be used. Pure Water Jet cutting of food items are also done in food industry. AWJ nozzle: to provide efficient mixing of abrasives and water and to form a coherent high-velocity jet of water laden with abrasive particles. Powder blasting, or abrasive jet machining, is a technique in which a particle jet (typically Al2O3 particles of 3–30 μm) is directed toward a target for mechanical material removal. As a case study, the manufacturing of a tool for a lab-on-chip application was chosen as presented in Figure 3. Effect of stand-off distance (SOD) on material removal rate (MRR) in abrasive jet machining (AJM). According to previous experience the water pressure was set at 300 MPa, the traverse velocity of the cutting head was 10 mm/min and the stand-off distance between the cutting head and the workpiece was kept constant at 2 mm. Fig. created dependent on the above perceptions for foreseeing the material removal in abrasive jet machining process. The surface roughness can be achieved in the range of 150 nm. // -->, Abrasive Water Jet Machining Material Rate Calculator, GD&T Training Geometric Dimensioning Tolerancing. WJM stripping is faster than conventional thermal or mechanical stripping of cable. 4.3). In laser assisted WJM, cutting force decreases significantly due to the laser softening effect of the material in the machined surface which intern produces superior surface quality. Etching the component with an acidic surface etch to identify the material grain structure also has the same effect but is more time consuming and is less widely used.