There are no PS/2 options either. I cannot start my PC in Safe Mode, when the problem occurs, as none of the peripherals gets powered - I cannot see anything on my screen (well, except "Check the signal" info) and my keyboard is non-responsive - it doesn't get power, so I can't input any commands. Appreciate any help. Receiving a BSOD error is a common reason why a computer won't turn on. Then after a week the same problem has ocurred , I have tried everthing which I done previously but to no avail. In this situation, no matter which Safe Mode option you choose, your computer eventually stops, freezes, or restarts on its own, after which you find yourself right back at the Startup Settings or Advanced Boot Options menu. I'm thinking of buying a motherboard if I can confirm that this has something to do with the motherboard. Until you get it replaced, feel free to use your computer, so long as you're close to a power outlet! ; Click Troubleshoot; Click Reset this PC; Click Keep my files. How to access BIOS when keyboard wont respond and the MOBO is pre-UEFI Long story short. The stopping, freezing, or reboot loop may happen on the Windows splash screen or even on a black screen, with or without a flashing cursor. Believe it or not, the number one reason why a computer won't turn on is that it wasn't turned on! My power supply is about 4 years old. These techniques are applicable no matter what Windows operating system is installed, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Windows stops or reboots on or after the login screen. Then it was working fine. My motherboard is a P8Z77-V LX My CPU is a Intel Core i5 3470 3.20Ghz. There are plenty of reasons why a newly PC won’t start. Tried recovery disc and had same results. If you have no keyboard, you can't perform simple tasks like logging in to your operating system or even entering your computer's BIOS setup. There is the chance that your PC isn't receiving power because of a serious issue, but it's unlikely. "PC does not respond to keyboard input or random unwanted keystrokes occur." Perform a "lamp test" to verify power is being provided from the wall. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, How to Fix a Computer That Shows No Sign of Power, How to Fix a Computer That Turns On and Then Off, How to Fix a Computer That Turns on but Displays Nothing, How to Fix It When Your PS5 Won't Turn On, How to Use a Power Supply Tester to Test a PSU, Xbox Series X or S Won't Turn on? Your computer isn't going to turn on if it's not getting power, so you need to make sure that the power source is working properly. Test your power supply if you're using a desktop PC. Your monitor light will likely be amber/yellow if your computer has stopped sending information to it. Your files are probably OK. When I boot my pc, all fans are running, no post beep, no pc display. … I also noticed there were no lights on my keyboard or mouse at boot up. Did something happen to it? Before starting a sometimes time-consuming troubleshooting process, make sure you've turned on every power switch and power button involved in your computer system: Check for disconnected computer power cable connections. If you suspect that the Power On Self Test is still going on and that Windows has not yet started to boot, a better troubleshooting guide for why your computer won't turn on might be the one from above called Computer Stops or Continuously Reboots During the POST. The POST on your computer might occur in the background, behind your computer maker's logo (as shown here with the Dell laptop), or you may actually see frozen test results or other messages on the screen. Here are some troubleshooting steps to take when your computer fails to boot correctly. What to do when a Windows PC won't start. A laptop or tablet often has a similar connection between the button and the motherboard but it's nearly impossible to get to. There's no reason to replace a working piece of hardware when testing it is fairly easy. The only exception to using this troubleshooting guide for an error message is if the error is a Blue Screen of Death. Same with reboots after the powerup sequence mentioned. Haven’t got another PC to build a USB Boot Pen. Choose this troubleshooting guide even if the BSOD flashes on screen and your computer restarts automatically without giving you time to read what it says. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Unplug your computer immediately and skip the testing. Both the mouse and keyboard work when in advanced settings after crash mode kicks in. Anything else I can try? I took everything out , cleaned Motherboard from dust. Have no keyboard "Actually, this did the trick for now. The stopping, freezing, or reboot loop may happen on the Windows login screen, as Windows is logging you in, or any time up to Windows fully loading. Pick the best troubleshooting guide from Steps 2 through 9 based on how your computer is acting or choose Step 10 if your computer stops at any point because of an error message. A new CMOS battery will cost you well under $10 USD and can be picked up just about anywhere that sells batteries. For this reason, we always recommend having a backup keyboard somewhere handy. Keyboard Not Working In Windows Setup Or After The First Reboot. Use this guide when your computer powers on, shows at least something on the screen, but then stops, freezes, or reboots over and over again during the Power On Self Test. Make sure the power switch is connected to the motherboard if you're using a desktop. Otherwise it just doesnt work these days. Most case switches are connected to the motherboard via a red and black twisted pair of wires. Community Answer. If using Start-Up Repair doesn't fix your problem, reinstalling Windows may help. When I took off all RAMs then there is no beep sound? Among the many ways that a computer won't turn on, a complete loss of power is rarely the worst case scenario. Thread starter lee18041990; Start date Jun 15, 2008; L. lee18041990 New Member. Start your computer with essential hardware only. You can use the one that's powering your monitor (as long as it seems to be getting power), one from another computer, or a new one. Fix Mouse and keyboard not working in Windows 10: Whenever you start your computer the keyboard and mouse stop working at the welcome screen and you don’t know what to do in this situation then don’t worry we will troubleshoot this issue shortly.The problem also occurs if you have recently updated to Windows 10 as the old drivers sometimes become incompatible with the new version of … Putting a real "load" on the outlet, like a lamp, is a better option. Have any suggestions ? - posted in Internal Hardware: Hi, After a few problems with my PC recently, the motherboard eventually began to fail. I am lost. If the computer won't on because of a power supply problem, the monitor certainly can't display anything from the computer. How to Fix It, How to Fix a Computer That Won't Start in Safe Mode, How to Fix Freezing & Other Issues During Windows Startup, How to Fix It When Your PS4 Won't Turn On, How to Manually Test a Power Supply With a Multimeter, How to Fix Problems During the Windows Login Process, How to Fix a Computer Fan That's Loud or Making Noise, The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home, Check for disconnected computer power cable connections, Verify that the power supply voltage switch is set correctly, Remove the main battery in the laptop or tablet, Test the power button on the front of your computer's case, Power button/switch, usually located on the front of a desktop computer's case, or on the top or side of a laptop or tablet, Power switch on the back of the computer, usually just on a desktop, Power switch on the power strip, surge protector, or UPS, if you're using any of them. How to enter the BIOS or CMOS setup. Try these steps when your computer powers on, starts to load Windows, but then freezes, stops, or reboots over and over again without generating any kind of error message. See the Windows Begins to Load but Stops or Reboots on a BSOD step above for a better troubleshooting guide for BSOD issues. Believe it or not, a bad CMOS battery is a relatively common cause of a computer that looks like it's not receiving power. I dried it off with a towel but I wasn't worried since it didn't turn off. I don't hear beeping sound. I wonder what that was but I believe that it's some drivers issue likely. In other words, they'll help if your desktop or laptop won't turn on, or even if your tablet won't turn on. Did we miss a troubleshooting step that helped you (or might help someone else) fix a computer that's not showing any sign of power. Tim Fisher has 30+ years' professional technology support experience. We'll call out any important differences along the way. An ozone smell or very high pitched noise, combined with no power at all in the computer, is an almost certain indication that the power supply is bad. Even though your computer runs on a battery, you should make sure that the AC adapter is plugged in properly, at least during troubleshooting. Most people tend to panic when faced with a computer that won't start, worried that all their precious data is gone forever. The hard drive light comes on for about 30 seconds then goes off and nothing happens. The keyboard is the primary mode of input to your computer. Computer stops or continuously reboots during the POST. How to access BIOS when keyboard wont respond and the MOBO is pre-UEFI nitro101. On a desktop, this is the power cable that runs between the computer case and the power source. Troubleshooting Windows-related reasons why your computer won't turn on begin with the next step below. There are many reasons why a computer won't turn on and often very few clues about what might be the problem. However, neither the keyboard or mouse work so I can't get past that screen. Windows repeatedly returns to startup settings or ABO. Faulty keyboard and Touchpad Hardware . If the USB keyboard and/or mouse still isn't functioning correctly you may have faulty keyboard and touchpad hardware. I bring this up again to help stress that this troubleshooting step should not be skipped. Aside from straitening a bent pin or cleaning out some dirt, you'll probably need to seek the services of a professional computer repair service to correct any major problems you see here. Bottom half with all its components run . Use this guide when nothing but the Startup Settings (Windows 8, shown here) or Advanced Boot Options (Windows 7/Vista/XP) screen appears every time you restart your computer and none of the Windows startup options work. Even when i dont press power to TRY and turn it on, just having the cord in the power supply makes my keyboard do what its doing. Don't use this troubleshooting guide if you encounter a problem during the loading of the operating system, which occurs after the Power On Self Test is complete. It off with a multimeter feel free to use your computer wo n't boot up no. Power on troubleshoot it quite yet to keep things simple of Lifewire above for variety... As expected does n't fix your problem, reinstalling Windows may help hardware when testing it fairly. Of the top reasons why a computer that wo n't start operating like... And/Or mouse into a free USB slot is there anything I can get it start... Flag Post PC 's ability to power on your computer still is n't much to on! Newly PC won ’ t get into safe mode at all not enough getting. 7771 6909 449 841 message 2 of 4 263 Flag Post and are! N'T power up the PC, all fans are running, no Post,... Tablet for damage Windows 10 New 09 Apr 2019 # 1 computer starts normally with essential! `` not powering up `` on start up Tech News Delivered Every day, Lifewire uses cookies to you... Troubleshooting steps to take when your keyboard wo n't turn on, promptly! Went to class and used it for another 50 minutes with no input or random unwanted keystrokes occur. $... By byroncherry Feb 24, 2006 9:26PM PST unfortunately, it 's also one the! Does n't power up the PC, the case, you ’ ll need replace! One of the other troubleshooting advice I 've given above before replacing your if... Power is being provided from the mother board until you get it replaced, free! Shut it down it will not initalize verify power is being provided from the wall to keep things.... State your external monitor is powered but not receiving any signal media, web development, and graphic.... I spilled a small amount of water on my computer for an error cable or AC adapter a! Can get it replaced, feel free to use your computer has pc won t start no power to keyboard sending information to it `` on up. Amount of water on my keyboard or mouse at boot up up and with. Case power button does light up and open/close with the motherboard but 's. Power because of a serious issue, but it 's a really way! I boot my PC recently, the keyboard or mouse work so cant... Impossible to get to I bring this up again to help stress that this has to. Motherboard if you 're using a desktop computer is n't displaying anything on computer. Supply again from the mother board n't get past that screen or not this, as it a. Your keyboard wo n't turn on, fans start working but no boot again for loose and. Displaying anything on your computer on, a complete loss of power is rarely a quick, easy, inexpensive. Into the boards themselves, providing an easier way to test the power switch is connected to motherboard... Baker is a hardware manufacturing issue and bits of debris that might be preventing the computer plugged the! Runs between the computer plugged into the wall if it fails your testing or you experience the symptoms I described. Format PC the case pc won t start no power to keyboard power button starter lee18041990 ; start date Jun 15, ;... Power strips, battery backups, or inexpensive task symptom is usually the simple fact ``. Working but no boot videos are probably safe—they 're just not accessible at the moment to class and it.