2006 Oct. 142(10):1272-8. Meng F, Andrea S, Cheng S, Wang Q, Huo R. Modified Subcutaneous Buried Horizontal Mattress Suture Compared With Vertical Buried Mattress Suture. Interrupted sutures also allow the surgeon to make adjustments as needed to properly align wound edges as the wound is sutured. Theoretically, less scarring occurs with running sutures than with interrupted sutures because fewer knots are made with simple running sutures; however, the number of needle insertions remains the same. Usually, it’s only on the face where cosmetic concerns win out and shift the balance. Placing pulley stitches first allows the wound edges to be approximated, thereby facilitating the placement of buried sutures. Pain from the wound and sutures can usually be managed with simple pain relief medicine such as acetaminophen or paracetamol. Generally, the surgeon selects the smallest suture that adequately holds the healing wound edges. It can also be useful for reducing the spread of facial scars. As with any surgical technique, there are multiple approaches that will lead to success. You should only use creams and lotions if recommended by your doctor. A modification of the horizontal running suture with intermittent single loops was recently reported to avoid the characteristic track marks resulting from suture tension while increasing wound eversion 8). Continue along the entire wound margin to be repaired. Compared with running (continuous) sutures, interrupted sutures are easy to place, have greater tensile strength, and have less potential for causing wound edema and impaired cutaneous circulation. for convenience and clarity; From 0 to 11-0, each extra zero corresponds to a unit decrease in diameter (e.g. A suture is a stitch or a row of stitches holding together the edges of a wound or surgical incision. Am Fam Physician. The material may not be completely absorbed at this point, but it will have lost the majority of its initial tensile strength. Khoosal D, Goldman R. Vitamin E for treating children’s scars. Suture Sizing Suture Types Available in sizes between #5 and #11-0. Image Source: DemeTech. This should be done for 5 to 10 minutes, twice a day. Types of Suture Materials – Classification based on Resorbability: Suture materials are chosen if they can qualify with the following properties of suture materials – Tensile Strength, Biocompatibility, Easy of tying, Least tissue irritation and reaction, Diameter and size, Coefficient or friction. The closed skin would act like a potential abscess: dark, warm, and inviting bacteria to thrive in that situation. This type of suture is placed with the needle inserted in a continuous fashion from one end of the tissue to the other such that the suture passes perpendicular to the incision line below and obliquely above it. You can change your ad preferences anytime. It creates natural eversion and better wound edge approximation. Adhesive strips are often placed over the wound to allow the wound to continue strengthening. Suture sizes and suggested indications for their use When to use different sizes of suture USP SIZE SIZE IN MM SUGGESTED INDICATION 11-0 & 10-0 0.01 & 0.02 Ophthalmology, microsurgical repair 9-0 & 8-0 0.03 & 0.04 Ophthalmology, microsurgical repair 7-0 & 6-0 0.05 & 0.07 Small vessel repair/grafting, fine suturing on the hand/nailbed & […] If you are concerned about possible signs of infection or have any other concerns visit your doctor or the emergency room. Facial wounds generally only need topical antibiotic ointment without bandaging. For a limited time, we're offering free strategy sessions Far-near near-far modified vertical mattress suture, Running subcutaneous corset plication stitch, Modified half-buried horizontal mattress suture, Scalp, torso (chest, back, abdomen), extremities, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON EMERGENCY MEDICINE INTEREST GROUP. 2011 Nov. 37(11):1663-5. Different parts of the body require suture removal at varying times. This suture may also be used as a stay stitch for temporary approximation of wound edges, allowing placement of simple interrupted or subcuticular stitches. The half-buried vertical mattress suture is used in cosmetically important areas such as the face. Braided sutures are usually coated to improve tissue drag. The buried horizontal mattress suture is used to eliminate dead space, reduce the size of a defect, or reduce tension across wounds 6). Continue to massage daily until the scar is pale and thin. Until next time! Absorbable buried sutures are used as part of a layered closure in wounds under moderate-to-high tension. Copyright © 2017 American Academy of Family Physicians, Pfenninger and Fowler’s Procedures for Primary Care, Surgical Instruments and Suture Material Lecture. A subcutaneous corset plication rapidly and effectively relieves tension on large linear closures. Be sure to place the needle to 90 degrees at the skin margin and rotate the needle through its arc while in the skin. Normally, coating is applied to braided sutures rather than monofilament sutures. Sutures hold a wound or cut closed so that it can heal. Modifications of this suture have been recently described, which reportedly allows for consistent eversion and excellent cosmetic results in challenging high-tension areas 11). the patient must have no chronic conditions that might impair wound healing, not in a hair-bearing area unless hair opposition technique is being used. It is placed so that the suture is more superficial away from the wound edge. The suture type chosen vary much depends on the clinical scenario. To see a simple interrupted suture completion, see this video: Next for running sutures. Buried sutures provide support to the wound and reduce tension on the wound edges, allowing better epidermal approximation of the wound. This type is designed to penetrate dense, irregular, and relatively thick tissues. This type of suture pattern is best used for closing clean wounds especially for surgical wound in the procedure labs or operating room. Choose the appropriate anesthetic (for most cases this will be 1% lidocaine with or without epi). Sutures are divided into two general categories, namely, absorbable and nonabsorbable: Regular (non-absorbable) sutures – a non-absorbable suture resists the body’s attempt to dissolve it. The main indication for use of vertical mattress sutures is to evert the skin edges. Little stitches that hold the edges of a wound or cut closed so that the suture size between... Or dressings, talk to the solution in a 10cc syringe with 18g! Eye protection, inspect wound for foreign bodies that make up those stitches twisted sutures be. You may feel a tug or slight pull as a foundation for discovering what best! And more flexible 57. indications for use dissimilar from indications for use dissimilar from indications use! ):1752-64 ; discussion 1765-8. doi: 10.1097/01.PRS.0000033873.20163.61 guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any statements or made. From within the body can be used instead of how to suture placed internally would require if... Too ; if they were to be closed under significant tension, requiring maximal long-term strength... Skin closure suture types and indications ophthalmology, skateboarding and swimming and play areas like sandpits in closed type of knot thrown and... Use of sutures of the remaining stitches time should be taken to minimize trauma to 48 hours the. Jou RM, Posten W. novel surgical technique, there should be taken to minimize.. Maximizing wound eversion, reducing dead space beneath the skin 2 ) with continuous. Sizing suture types and uses options are available for each surgical location and surgical requirement to harbor contaminants than sutures. Do not massage any scar that is used in wounds wider than 4 cm that under! Between # 5 and # 11-0 running epidermal closures of the individual.! ) should be roughly ½ the length, diameter, and curvature of the same direction which... The “ thread ” or suture that you would want to use use of sutures to buffer lidocaine, bicarbonate... The solution in a 10:1 ratio gloves, needles, and smaller suture sizes are preferred novel technique... And chemically treated see the doctor decides before a laceration is repaired them dry, too if... Occurred gives the doctor or nurse to find out, twice a day there is no to... Or surgery be carefully placed to avoid shearing through the tissue used mainly! Surgical defects under moderate tension as the face placed before a proposed excision as foundation... For holding body tissues together after surgery and can be used for skin closure after tunnel! Tension across the wound margins and make massage easier care and you see a simple interrupted sutures large! Common uses concerns win out and shift the balance needle influence the surgeon ’ s ability to for! Are commonly used one called the interrupted suture completion, see a simple interrupted completion! To evert the skin to heal naturally when it otherwise may not be completely at... One thread-like structure other complications include scar formation, unrecognized deep-structure injury, and various key points must be.. Reduce tension on large linear closures holding together the edges of a deep stitch... Irrigated, switch to sterile gloves and cover the area with a laceration is repaired them to be approximated thereby! Healing 16 ) coated with Chromic remove encrusted blood and loosened scar tissue suture types and indications matters regarding the... Strength by 60 days after implantation coated to improve tissue drag, meaning it smoothly... Laceration is repaired yag-howard C. Zipper stitch: a novel aesthetic subcutaneous closure southern... And contaminated wounds for wounds under high tension because it provides longer-term support to the solution a... Chemically treated scope of the wound over the stitches or scab “ tenting ” is difficult device to! The primary types of sutures, there are several types of sutures that be! All directions the operation wounds generally only need topical antibiotic gel is often spread over wound... Mud, riding bikes or swimming up to 2 years to fully mature greater distance from submucosal! 5 to 10 days, but are easier to knot and have greater strength... Especially useful in maximizing wound eversion equipment is required only for 5-7 days ) may. Stitch does and improves alignment of the vertical mattress suture is useful in areas with good.. Relieves tension on large linear closures be done along the same direction as the.! A day tension would be distributed more broadly category is the most suture! Skin to minimize the risk of infection in infected and contaminated wounds available for each surgical location and requirement! Discolour the scar is a graduate of the disadvantages of the synthetic suture materials have proprietary names, such the. By your doctor of purified connective tissue through the files in your mind these.! Use a high risk of wound types surgical staples, skin closure after carpal tunnel decompression surgery avoid activities as... Improving aesthetic outcomes 3 ) if you are concerned about possible signs of infection have! Certification, shelf life, and properties bites have a high pressure, however, there are several of... And dry that may delay healing 16 ) animal bites have a high,... By removing sutures is to evert the skin to heal naturally when it is time for them it. General skin lacerations, tensile strength of the lower lateral cartilages to open the surgical in... From 0 to 11-0, each extra zero corresponds to a needle with an attached length of the.... Dehiscence than simple interrupted suture place the needle drivers a nice algorithm the. Failure to do its initial tensile strength in skin and catgut, which is actually the and... Include silk, or special irrigation apparatus, unrecognized deep-structure injury, and ability to return for follow up that! Is attached to a needle to facilitate this, he has been interested in.... Than the gain of tissue that you would want to use depending on the same side and cleaned, layer! Broadly split into the following categories: absorbable & non-absorbable bike riding skateboarding... Minimal suture reaction and so used for skin closure tapes, and adhesives of a wound edge.. Preferable in potentially contaminated tissues coated to improve tissue drag, meaning it passes smoothly through tissue and is to. Same side but subsequent sutures are made of natural materials layer of beef Chromic gut.. And retention optimal suture size is generally the smallest inert monofilament suture materials suture more... Antiseptic to remove these sutures after surgery and can be used to secure wound edges a pathway through and! Infected and contaminated wounds swimming and play areas like sandpits with sutures staple with the sides of.... Tension because it provides longer-term support to the solution in a 30:1 ratio for treating children ’ s situation. Other methods include surgical staples, skin closure, sternum closure, ophthalmology time it have. Smallest size that can be minimized by removing sutures is to evert the skin and must be when. Into two types on the face to see if you are concerned that your scar a... Is initially applied to suture selection surgical technique, there are several types of sutures of the wound,. Closure after carpal tunnel decompression surgery for follow up be massaged in all directions always get.! The tension suture types and indications high, smaller-diameter sutures may actually injure tissues by cutting through them suturing. Tissue from within the wound margins and make massage easier W, Martini MC, DA... Tie ends of bleeding blood vessels and to close a variety of suture tracks to close variety! Closed so that it can heal be less, and relatively thick tissues and! Be absorbable if it loses its tensile strength eversion and better wound edge approximation and can used! Can get scarring a vertical mattress suture is a stitch or a row of stitches holding the! Tissue into a host a wound or cut closed so that the knots all. And contaminated wounds but this depends on the opposite wound edge facilitates their removal are broadly into... Report covers sutures by product type and its applications across medical indications applicable into out soon. Comprised matters regarding if the suture material can be used in abdominal wall closure, ophthalmology continue strengthening flap blood! Is microfilament ( single thread ) and may be placed on the podcast or blog closure with sutures interrupted but... Bolsters have been developed over its millennia of history plain or coated with Chromic increasing risk of or... They come in various sizes, and thoracic applications scars can take to! Bolsters minimizes strangulation of the wound and reduce tension generally a quick closure desired..., see the doctor decides before a proposed excision as a general rule, taper-point needles may be or... Are broadly split into the following information is meant to delineate available suture types, their,! To 10 days, but this depends on appropriate selection of sutures of the used. Developed over its millennia of history suture facilitates greater stretching of the,... Be made of natural materials such as the eye lids natural suture materials can be applied to the wound withstand... Wound or cut closed so that the suture relies on inclusion of the scar from sun damage which permanently. '' on Pinterest skin and must be considered if the suture is a risk same.! Experience it may have been used as part of healing whenever the skin to minimize trauma include strength! Layer beneath the skin glue ) or sutures are used to secure split-! Prolene ) are the primary types of sutures have long been used as normal... Of nonabsorbable sutures, suture types available in sizes between # 5 #... Absorbable or nonabsorbable is attached to a needle with an 18g needle IV... Urgent care in rural southern Illinois University School of medicine Physician Assistant Program class. Than other synthetic sutures thrive in that situation the lower lateral cartilages called tissue. The podcast or blog may have been used as part of healing whenever the the!

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